Another productive week, in the main. The children are mainly achieving their set work although I’m not too certain that they are going to achieve all set in the five weeks for geography and history, mainly because the two older boys still tend to do the bare minimum. But then again at present it is more about the skills rather than the knowledge. The time management and self-disciplining skills that I want them to have. They really do need to move on their assigned readings though.

Chiara didn’t do as well this week, she slept and lazed all Tuesday; I think her busy weekends, Mondays catch up with her sometimes. She worked very hard for Wednesday and Thursday to catch up though and Friday she enjoyed ‘teaching’ the children whilst David and I were in town with the architect and at the bank.

Lots of literature reading happening with Dominic; in the last fortnight he has read Inkheart, City of Ember and The Mysterious Benedict Society. Malachi is enjoying his ‘River of Adventure’ so that’s great. Mariah is mildly enthusiastic about reading, Xavier has been busy reading Mysterious Benedict Society. Chiara of course is reading;)

M&Ms are reluctant to do times tables, so I may consider a break from them for the next few weeks. I still need to sift through the Latin links that links Willa sent as D and X are keen.

D&X are madly writing their novels are present, they are very keen and talking late into the night of their plots.

I’m trying to re-introduce our Creative time on a more regular basis, we enjoyed a Nature walk to the dam, have rescheduled our read aloud first thing in the morning, and we held Poetry Night last Saturday night. We even managed an craft time making crocodiles.